My New Book
    "There is Something About The                                Moon...."
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As you have come to expect, my work is totally original with major discoveries
Ladies and Gentlemen this book will challenge most everything you know and with leave you with a great sense of comfort knowing what you have just learned in this book is the truth...
There are 5 images on the Moon visible to the naked eye through binoculars, This is the greatest discovery since recorded history...
The Moon is a Grandmother Clock and tells us where we are in the larger cycles here on Earth...



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Stop drinking the Kool Aid and learn how the Earths temperatures are controlled in the Book "Pyramid Gravity Force" available on Amazon, find out how mans penitration in Cheops the great pyramid of Giza, disabled the great pyramid of Giza which controlled the Hawaiian Island vocanic activity. Yes the Giza pyramid was the Earths thermostat until crazy humans broke it, read how the Earth has missed a few crucial mini ice ages and how we have a chance of saving the planet by getting the Giza pyramids back on line. Ancient Geo Engineering is real......And we still have a chance to save planet earth from the masive tectonic plate movement that are coming to blast us all into the stone age. Regardless of why the temperature rises on planet Earth, The pyramids are here to cool the planet down with ASH discharge from the volcano's. These Earthquakes are just the beginning................
This book will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that mans past and present destructive penetration into planet Earths pyramid's has been the cause of many natural disasters around the world; The below mentioned damaged pyramids were built to prevent and or control, tectonic plate movement, volcanic activity, tidal waves, major earth quakes, land movements and the magnetic field movements here on Earth. If I told you that every large pyramid on Earth has a sister volcano and Island located 180 degrees from said pyramid on the other side of the planet and located at the approximate same latitude of said pyramid would you believe me? This book will prove this up until now, little unknown fact. This book herein will describe a perpetual energy machine that works on gravity. It's a perpetual motion machine that runs on the Moon's Gravity. The ancient pyramid architects refer to gravity as the divine energy source not electricity as some scholars would have you believe. The Egyptian hieroglyphs depict the snake as divine energy gravity, the Sun disc is colored red and the snake's body encompasses the sun disc, the energy that powers the sun is gravity. The Great Pyramid of Giza  is a gravitational lense used tocondensed gravity in the center line of the pyramid which lowers the gravitational field opposite side of the planet approximately 180 degrees from said pyramid and roughly at the same latitude. For instance the pyramids in the Nile Valley reduce the gravitational fields in the magma chambers under the Pacific Ocean, under the Hawaiian Islands. In essence the pyramids of the Nile Valley are responsible for volcanic activity in the Hawaiian Islands by lowering the gravitational field thus keeping the Hawaiian hot spot opened. Every major pyramid on the planet has a sister volcanoe on the exact opposite side of the planet and at the approximate same latitude of said pyramid.

Forget Quantum physics, Say hello to Hexagontum physics...The new reality where common sense rules,

                                                                                                       Shaughnessy's Law of Gravity updated 07/2013