Above is a Micro Gravity Reading of the Great Pyramid of Giza called the Densitogram this image outlines the gravity wave changing the density of the material on the Great Pyramid of Giza.
GP1 Kings Chamber Meditation Technique

This can be done in the physical form or the meditational form to tap into cosmic energy.

Flip over and Place the kings sarcophagus between the shafts, the hieght of the sarcophagus is level with the bottom of the north and south shafts. Then lie down on top of the sarcophagus resting on your back and align your head with the N on the right of you head  & S shafts on the left side of your head.

Then meditate to allow the cosmic energy to flow into your head and take a trip to the source......

John Shaughnessy 2013 ©



Shaughnessy's Law of Gravity Amc^2/bd=S

Shaugnessy's law of gravity expressed as Amc^2/db=S bridges the gap between Relativity and the Grand Unified Field Theory......your welcome.

A   = Angle of mass rising above the elipsoid.

m  = mass in kg.

c   = speed of light constant.

^2= squared.

/  = divided by.

d  = distance.

b  = gravitational constant.

Shaughnessy's Law of Gravity Update

From the beginning, the speed of light constant c, had to be part of the equation for pyramid gravity force as this is the speed to which the gravity particle/wave/beam (PWB) travels;

The other factors are as follows, mass m, in weight or killograms kg ,as this mass is actually responsilbe for manipulating the PWB.

Angle A, of a pyramid or geometrical shaped mass above the ellipsoid is used as an index no angle above the ellipsoid then there is no concetrating of the gravity PWB, 2/3rd's of the Earths surface is ocean so in this liquid mass there is no concetrating of the PWB.

Radius r, this is the distance between the pyramid and the center core of the Earth times the distance between the volcano and the center of the Earths core this part of the equation is expressed as r*2 this is the distance of travel of the condensed PWB.

Shaughnessy S, is the units of gravity PWB force discharge from a pyramid or a geometrical shaped mass so the total equation is expressed as Amc2/r*2=S




Intellegent Design of Earths Tectonic Plates

How to make a tectonic plate slide smoothly under another tectonic plate


Now why in gods name would our brilliant Geo Engineering Ancestors build volcanos with pyramid gravity force or energy or lately I’m using the term pyramid gravity fornergy? I’ll tell you why!!! Tectonic plates need geo engineering to work correctly that’s why, can you imagine how many tsunamis there would be if the tectonic plates started to butt into each other instead of lapping each other, as it is we still experience a bump why they are sliding under and above each other. It would be catastrophic if this system was left to it’s own natural system, you would actually have to be the size of a T-Rex just to survive the constant tsunamis and earthquakes quite literally.


Ok what does a volcanic Island do in the ocean sitting on a tectonic plate? Well for one thing it exerts a lot of weight on this plate most if not all the subduction zones are under the oceans. So weight is one of the defining physical characteristics for an island volcano; Say you were having big tsunamis and earth quakes at a particular subduction zone, say for instance the Sumatra subduction zone and you wanted to quiet this area down and the only way to do this is to quite literally build a volcanic island on this noisy tectonic plate, this would add weight to the plate that is sliding under at the subduction zone and stop the plate butting at the zone.

Now we’re in luck as we have land located in the exact trajectory that is required to build a volcano from scratch with a pyramid also built from scratch. The trajectory of this pyramid gravity beam is measured in degrees angle of the Earths axis and located approximately 180° from each other. So to quiet down the Sumatra subduction zone we need to build large pyramids in the Yucatan peninsula, Central America, Cuba Southern Mexico say where the Pyramid of the Sun is located and all the rest of the pyramids located in the above mention places. Oh look where in luck! Someone has already built them for us. And for proof there are just as many volcanic islands in the Bay of Bengal and the northern Indian ocean east of Sri Lanka like the Andaman Islands or the Nicobar Islands to name a few. Point being, the “Pyramid Gravity Force” built these islands. 


Another thing pyramid built volcanic island do, is slow down the movement of said tectonic plates, the more weight on the plate the slower the plate moves this is also a benefit of pyramid built volcanic islands on a tectonic plates. 


Is it possible these geniuses for all intent and purposes have actually locked in all the large landmasses? With “pyramid gravity force” Well is it? Your damn right it’s possible!

 I would have to say these advanced beings looked at planet Earth like Jeweler looks at a rough diamond before cutting it into a precious stone, these advanced beings cut the tectonic face plates of the Earth into a perfect gem of a planet with pyramid gravity force technology.     


John Shaughnessy 2013 © 


Just like the magnifying glass that must be adjusted when concentrating the Suns photons into a tightly packed beam of light or the focal point, the same goes for pyramids, however when dealing with gravitons it is required to place a dense material like gold at the proper location inside the pyramid to concentrate the gravitons to achieve focal point. For this example we will stay focused on the Great Pyramid of Giza or G1 no pun intended as this pyramid focal points have been discovered. There are three known focal points in G1; We will use the old names for the sake of simplicity; The three focal point are as follows in G1, they are the Kings chamber, the Queens chamber and the Subterranean chamber, inside these three chambers there were gold filled granite boxes also known as a sarcophagus and all three different sizes the smallest was in the Kings chambers the next largest was in the queens chambers and you guessed it the largest in the Subterranean chambers, now that being said the subterranean chambers is the largest focal point under the pyramid mass and also collects the tightly packed graviton beams from the King and Queens chambers sarcophagus along with the rest of the gravitons collected from the pyramid mass above.  Now the new name for the sarcophagus as described in the book, is called a graviton accelerator of GA for short.  

Shaughnessy 2013©


 I like to keep it simple, we already have a device that condenses a sub atomic particle that can be expressed by the equation AMC^2=S and that device is a plain piece of convex glass, we all know as a magnifying lens. This magnifying lens collect photons and condenses them into a tight beam of light. If I made a 6.6 miilion ton convex shaped piece of glass it would not only collect and concentrate photons but it would also collect and concentrate gravitons into a tight graviton beam ; Anyway...... We have the evidence that all large pyramids have volcano's located 180° from eachother and located at roughly the same latitude, the odd's that this just happend by chance is off the charts mathematically speaking. What is of parrmount importance here, is life on planet Earth is creaping dangerously close to the point of no return, in terms of avoiding a cataclysm the likes we have never seen, that is if the planet does not get cooled down. Volcanic Aerosol and Ash from a volcanic eruptions needs to happen and soon. This pyramid/volcano system is what the previous advanced societies used to cool the planet down regardless of what the warming trend on planet Earth was caused by. If I was a professor with tenure at MIT and Nobel prize winner in phisics and got AMC^2=S published, we still wouldn't be any closer to getting into Giza to repair the damage done and get these pyramids on line to eject ash from the Hawaiian Hot Spot, the only PV still in operation. Shaughnessy 2013 ©

The Worlds Gold Powered Pyramids

The Earth’s Ancient Geo Engineering Architects used Gold to increase the power output in the pyramids, they would place the gold into what some call a sarcophagus, kings coffer, granite box or what I refer to as a graviton accelerator (GA). This increase in dense material at this relatively small location pulls the gravity wave into a tight concentration from the pyramid mass at the GA, coupled with the shafts supplying free gravitons or gravitino’s charging the GA lid between gravity waves makes for a powerful gravity beam; That being said, Zacharia Sitchin’s deciphered the Sumerian clay tablet texts about the Anunnaki and their need for mining and collecting large quantities of Gold on Earth to control the atmosphere back on their planet called Nibiru, is the proverbial “proof is in the pudding” It’s common knowledge that dense material locations located on our Moon changes the gravitational fields, what NASA refers to as the Moons lumpy gravity fields, mission control was very aware of this and made certain that all missions would avoid these dense gravity fields for obvious reasons. The Anunnaki had to control their atmosphere as we do here on earth with volcanic ash from artificially pyramid controlled volcanic eruptions, which begs the question, was planet Earth also called planet Nibiru at one time???

All large pyramid scattered around the world have chambers built into them to store large stone boxes of Gold otherwise known as Graviton Acclerators. 

Shaughnessy 2013 ©          


So I founded my own field of physics call Hexagontum physics;
It is for people that can get from A to C without going to B first. In quantum physics we all have to go to B first before going to C; We have to go to B, see it, touch it, smell it, taste it and then eat it, before it exist if you get my drift, it's quantum alright, it's quantum mental masterbation and wasting valuable time.......

Climate control with volcanic ash

The ancient geo engineers would use volcanic ash to control rising temperatures on Earth such as what we are experiencing today, however normal weather conditions on Earth is usually spent in an ice age for 100 thousand years, and then 13 thousand years in a warming climate such as what we are enjoying today. So this pyramid/volcano (PV) control system would see most of its use during an ice age environment, as having a 1000 foot rise in sea level pales in comparison to our possible 20 foot rise in sea level. Now that being said we can still use this system to keep us in this temperate climate we love and enjoy today, but it must be used before total cloud coverage of the Earth happens, total planetary cloud coverage is where Earth is heading with the higher ocean temperatures more water vapor will consume the atmosphere and block out the sun light. The PV system will also block out sun light and cool the Earths oceans the same as total cloud cover will but to have both ash and cloud cover happen at the same time might cause a super cooling plunge that could be enough to plunge us into another ice age. The ancient geo engineers in their infinite wisdom would stay ahead of the curve and discharge ash into the atmosphere to keep the oceans cool and the cloud or water vapor to a correct ratio for the ideal global environmental balance.   

Shaughnessy 2013 ©

Mountain ranges have sister mountain ranges 180

Mountain ranges have sister mountain ranges located approximately180° from each other and located on the approximate same latitude. The Nyle valley pyramids are inline with a moutain located in Sudan due west between Abri and Dongola, this nameless moutain also adds to the gravity wave power force along with the Nyle Valley pyramids gravity force to create the Hawaiian Hot Spot.

A discovery in motion..........

Earth in the Galactic plane or Dark Rift in the Milky Wat Galaxy

Galactic plain Vs. Galactic center, 3 million years ago our Sun crossed the galactic center or the black hole in the middle of the milky Way galaxy. On 12-21-2012 the Sun came into alignment with the galactic plane, otherwise known as the dark rift, there is a massive dark energy/matter vacuum in this alignment between our Sun and the Milky Way center plain, so while we are in this Gallactic plane this will drain the energy of the Sun and thus lower the energy output of our Sun, that being said, most of the northern hemisphere will see cooler weather but because the Earth travels between the Sun  and the Galactic plane through this dark energy/matter vacuum field in December or the southern hemispheres summer months, Australia and other parts of the Southern hemisphere will experience higher than normal temperatures. I'm sure This will cause some crazy scientific debates as to what is causing this event but rest assure it's the DARK RIFT and Human activity on Planet Earth causing climate change............ 

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Gobekli Tepe

Super imposed the Orion constellation over Egypt and Turkey to find they had some amazing alignments with ancient sites. Starting with Orion’s belt over the Giza plateau pyramids Egypt, Orion’s left shoulder lands on the Gobekli Tepe's discovery site, Orion’s right shoulder lands on the Parthenon in Greece, Orion’s left foot lands on Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Orion’s right foot lands in the ancient city of Wadi Halfa northern Sudan, Orion’s head star lands on the ancient city of Ankara Turkey, but most importantly Orion’s arrow is pointed towards the Gobe Desert where Edgar Cacey claimed high technological machines would be discovered buried underground.

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Dense Gravity Wave Trajectory Guidance Equation

The dense gravity wave trejectory is based apon the mass location in degrees from the Earths axis; This is why you have mass/pyramid/volcanos say at 10° latitude matching mass 180° and at the same latitude.

In otherwords mass (A) is at 21° latitude from mass (B) located at 21° latitude, the trejectory is based on the degree angle relationship from mass (A) to the Earths axis.

No Mass dense gravity wave trejectory's cross the equatorial plain from northern to southern hemisphere's or vise versa. In other words the gravity wave generated in that hemisphere stay in that hemisphere.

Shaughnessy 2012 2013 ©    

These Ancient Geo Engineers were brilliant .

The three pyramid voclano sytems (PVS) located in the northern hemisphere are located on three seperate latitudes so they could eject volcanic ash at different latitudes for fine tuning of the global temperatures, it's just amazing,  any of todays Geo engineers worth his or her salt would strategically place the PVS machines right in these Atlantic, Pacific & Indian oceans. Shen/Bermuda Latitude 32°, Giza/Hawaii Latitude 21° and  Sun/Sri Lanka 6° latitude this latitude of cooling bandwidth would cool the ocean conveyor and current loops in the northern hemisphere and would cool off the southern oceans as well.

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I missed another pyramid/volcano connection the SHEN-HSI Pyramids in China tie into the Bermuda Island extinct volcano, more evidence mounting that indeed there is a massive connection between the two stuctures on Earth and as described inside the book Pyramid Gravity Force these two location are 180° apart and located on the same Latitude......WOW...........! Now in the Book I made reference that the Bermuda Island tied into the submerged Pyramid in the Sea of Japan. This still holds true however, after the last cataclysm 12500 years ago the Japanes pyramid became sumerged and in the book submerged pyramids become nutralized and cannot condense the gravity wave. So the ancient Geo Engineers had to build the SHEN-HSI pyramids to balance this gravity wave between these two locations. Shaughnessy 2013 ©

Atlantis Electrical Power Machine

This book"When The Sky Fell" I was utterly intriqued at the level of detail and information about Atlantis. One thing that really sparked my mind up was on the inner city drawings of Atlantis, in particular the three seperate walls made out of orichalcam, tin & bronze to me, I interpret this as a machine....Just say we were not tied down by the current mind set of today's sickness, like we can't talk about [it] until the science catches up with [it] mentality. I would have to say If you and I made these round circular walls around the exact location of magnetic north or south for that matter......One would have to agree that you would generate electricity or an electric current by tapping into the natural flow of electrons flowing in and out of these exact magnetic polar locations. There would be a differential in electrical current from wall to wall and with a little work one could tap into this current to supply the surrounding area with power if needed......

Thanks again.

John Shaughnessy 2012 ©


How The Earths Axis Tilts Naturally

Check out this NASA explanation of how the tilt of Mars axis happens over time; To me if can happen on Mars because of polar caps ice melting and or building ice up on the polar caps, it can happen on Earth during a temperature change such as What we are going through on Earth today.



Look it's all balance.

The northeren hemispher is heavier than the southern hemispher because of the larger land mass above the ellipsoid located in the northern hemisphere. So when the Earths tilt changes which might be as soon as 12-21-2012
The counter weight in this case  the south pole or south polar cap melts and loses it's balancing weight the tilt of the earth will move....The real question is will the tlt of the axis increase or decrease.....

The polar cap that loses the sun light, will start to build ice mass back up and eventually cause another tilt on the axis, where that newly built up mass of ice will now get the sun light and start to melt and so on and so forth.........They the NASA people must know about this.........But maybe not!

Now the scientist tell us that the ice weight loss on Antarctica over the last 100 years is in the trillions of tons.

One does not have to see all the ice disappear before my theory takes over and the earth's tilt increases.....

My theroy is the antarctic ice sheet is the Earths counter weight because the Northern hemispher land mass is heavier than the Southern hemisphers land mass and when the antarctic ice sheet loses it's mass the Earths axis tilt will increase and Antarctica will lose Sun light, thus the process of ice build up on Antarctica will start a new trend of building ice until the weight increase and causes another tilt decrease. I call this

 "Shaughnessy's Law of Tilt"

To tilt or not to tilt that is the question......?

John Shaughnessy 2012 ©


Hawaiian Hot Spot is close to the Maya Calendar time line...

Here are a few pics, The first one is the Hawaiian Hot Spot, I like this pic because it shows a time line of the Hawaiian Hot Spot, reseachers have this hot spot dating back millions of years, but it's all conjectur as the oldest sample from this Hawaiian chain are only 26 thousand years old.  Now another thing I like about this picture it the Emperor Seamount Chain, another one of my theroy's is that the Emperor Seamount chain was also created by the Hawaiian Hot Spot. The reason it is now pointed in a northwesterly dirrection is due to a tectonic plate movement. Now what is of  primary importance here is the Time line that the Hawaiian Hot Spot is giving us. I suggest that each chain was created in the time it takes for the planet to go through one cycle of procession or roughly 26 thousand years. This time piece is right up there with the Maya calendar. So judging by the length of both island chain distances one would have to at least consider an end to a cycle or the beginning to a cycle is near. ©

If you have the time, go to the below web site and check out the three theory's on the Hawaiin Hot Spot......


Now My book cover shows how the gravity beam travels from the Great pyramid of Giza to the Hawaiian Island via ricocheting off of the gravity nuetral zone near the solid iron core at the center of the planet.


John Shaughnessy

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New Grange and Stonehenge are Geo Instrumentation

New-Grange and Stonehenge are only two of a hundreds of devices located on the Eurasian plate and African plate and of course there are hundreds of these devices located on the North and South American plates also. They were built to monitor plate movement this is why most, if not all of them are aligned to astrological alignments such as the winter and summer solstice and many other alignments. These monument or as I prefer to call them “ancient geo engineering instrumentation” were and still are used to adjust the global pyramid grid if or when it is needed. 
Now as for New-Grange or Stonehenge they are used to track tectonic plate movement of the Eurasian plate. Now……… if and when these instruments don’t line up with the summer or winter solstice, this would sound an alarm or warn the ancient geo engineers, that a major change or land mass movement was near, it would also be used to increase or decrease the gravity beam output from the global pyramid system as out lined in my book Pyramid Gravity Force” to counter the effects of a large plate movement……….below are the sizes of the world plates and as you will read North America, Eurasia and Africa are the largest and would only lend credence to the fact as to why these ancient geo engineering instrumentation was built on the above mentioned plates……… ©

The World's Lithospheric Plates
Plate Area (km2) Plate Area (km2)
Pacific 103,300,000 Scotia   1,600,000
N America  75,900,000 Burma microplate   1,100,000
Eurasia  67,800,000 Fiji microplates   1,100,000
Africa  61,300,000 Tonga microplate     960,000
Antarctica  60,900,000 Mariana microplate     360,000
Australia  47,000,000 Bismark microplate     300,000
S America  43,600,000 Juan de Fuca     250,000
Somalia  16,700,000 Solomon microplate     250,000
Nazca  15,600,000 South Sandwich mplate 170,000
India  11,900,000 Easter microplate     130,000
PhilSea   5,500,000 Juan Fernandez mplate  96,000
Arabia   5,000,000 Rivera microplate       73,000
Caribbean   3,300,000 Gorda microplate       70,000
Cocos   2,900,000 Explorer microplate       18,000
Caroline plate 1,700,000 Galapagos microplate     12,000

John Shaughnessy ©

Stonehenge & New Grange Island connections

Stonehenge gravity force was responsible for building the Aleutian Islands. The way in which islands are formed is via plumes or hot spots in the lithosphere. The Hawaiian Islands are an example of this type of island formation. In this case, there is no associated subducting slab. Just a hot spot in which current scientific explanations from the science community is short on, when it comes to explaining what powers a hot spot to carve through techtonic plates, that is up until now......... 

Stonehenge is of a different design of gravity condensing devise from that of the pyramid but never the less a gravity manipulating device.

Submerged Japanese Pyramid use to get planet out of Ice Age

This is a discovery in motion or a living discovery; As mentioned in the book the sunken Japan pyramid, was disabled when the ocean level rose at the end of the last ice age. Water neutralizes the gravity condensing effect of pyramids underwater. This particular pyramid controlled volcanic activity on the Island of Bermuda. I suspect the Japan pyramid and the Bermuda geo engineering system might be used to help increase the speed of the planet which in turn would warm up the planet and get the planet out of an ice age.  

Earths rotation can and is controled by the pyramids.

Blog here.

Was reminiscent of reading Edgar Cayce readings, The number of pyramids are 9, I know why there are 9 pyramids built in the Nile Valley, However my interpretation is scary as we are lined up with Polaris or the north pole star and about to start another 26000 year cycle the same cycle the Mayan calendar reflects.  At best these text are written to regain control over planetary functions after major damage to the planet has occurred. What is major damage a 23hour or a 25hour day, instead of the current 24hour rotation we enjoy on the Earth axis.  I’m sure most of us have read Edgar Cayce’s reading and seen his rendition of the new world map after the land movements.  Speed the planet up we bake slow the planet down we freeze…..We are at the perfect planet rotational speed and it’s not by chance.

I look at the Ancient beings that created these megalith structure called pyramids as gods that knew there would come a time when man would have to use this technology to gain control over planetary functions and it’s coming soon. So the Gods wrote the hieroglyphs down knowing the language would be deciphered when the time came. The following is © material that I did not put in my book yet. The three sets of three pyramids, 3 located in Abusir, 3 in Saqqara and 3 in Giza control the magnetic fields in the liquid iron core. The solid iron core i.e. is magnetized by the Suns constant radioactive bombardment of the earth. The 9 gravity beams that no one on the planet seems to believe exist but me, are responsible for rotational speed of the planet. How? I’ll tell you how, in theory a sub atomic condensed gravity beam can penetrating liquid iron and will create a stationary magnetic field around the gravity beam submerged in liquid iron, now multiply that by 9 times and you have a Geodynamo planetary motor. If you increase the gravity beams strength you increase the stationary magnetic fields in the liquid iron core. This in turn creates magnetic friction against the magnetized solid iron core and slows the planet down and the same goes for reducing the gravity beams on the 9 what I call Gravmag fields will speed the planet up.                  

Pyramid Gravity Ancient Geo Engineering Q & A

Blog here. Hello People we have got to get together on what has been left by the gods i.e. Ancient Geo Engineers to save our one and only planet. If we look at all the ancient texts the Gods had a war and destroyed each other, but left some clues as to what was used to control planetary functions. The Pyramids are here for Geo Engineering purposes as you will find out by reading the Book "Pyramid Gravity Force" the first edition is riddled with mistakes and will be eventually fixed as time rolls on. But for Now we have to get this information out to the global community to rediscover this ancient technology of harnessing gravity. If you were to hang a brass plumb bob from a ten foot long string anywhere on the planet, it would hang perfectly plumb, that is unless you hang it next a pyramid such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, the plumb bob gets pulled out of plumb toward the pyramid. This is Gravity being manipulated by the pyramid. In other words the line is not plumb.  

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