Above is a Micro Gravity Reading of the Great Pyramid of Giza called the Densitogram this image outlines the gravity wave changing the density of the material on the Great Pyramid of Giza.
Earths rotation can and is controled by the pyramids.

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Was reminiscent of reading Edgar Cayce readings, The number of pyramids are 9, I know why there are 9 pyramids built in the Nile Valley, However my interpretation is scary as we are lined up with Polaris or the north pole star and about to start another 26000 year cycle the same cycle the Mayan calendar reflects.  At best these text are written to regain control over planetary functions after major damage to the planet has occurred. What is major damage a 23hour or a 25hour day, instead of the current 24hour rotation we enjoy on the Earth axis.  I’m sure most of us have read Edgar Cayce’s reading and seen his rendition of the new world map after the land movements.  Speed the planet up we bake slow the planet down we freeze…..We are at the perfect planet rotational speed and it’s not by chance.

I look at the Ancient beings that created these megalith structure called pyramids as gods that knew there would come a time when man would have to use this technology to gain control over planetary functions and it’s coming soon. So the Gods wrote the hieroglyphs down knowing the language would be deciphered when the time came. The following is © material that I did not put in my book yet. The three sets of three pyramids, 3 located in Abusir, 3 in Saqqara and 3 in Giza control the magnetic fields in the liquid iron core. The solid iron core i.e. is magnetized by the Suns constant radioactive bombardment of the earth. The 9 gravity beams that no one on the planet seems to believe exist but me, are responsible for rotational speed of the planet. How? I’ll tell you how, in theory a sub atomic condensed gravity beam can penetrating liquid iron and will create a stationary magnetic field around the gravity beam submerged in liquid iron, now multiply that by 9 times and you have a Geodynamo planetary motor. If you increase the gravity beams strength you increase the stationary magnetic fields in the liquid iron core. This in turn creates magnetic friction against the magnetized solid iron core and slows the planet down and the same goes for reducing the gravity beams on the 9 what I call Gravmag fields will speed the planet up.                  

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