Above is a Micro Gravity Reading of the Great Pyramid of Giza called the Densitogram this image outlines the gravity wave changing the density of the material on the Great Pyramid of Giza.
New Grange and Stonehenge are Geo Instrumentation

New-Grange and Stonehenge are only two of a hundreds of devices located on the Eurasian plate and African plate and of course there are hundreds of these devices located on the North and South American plates also. They were built to monitor plate movement this is why most, if not all of them are aligned to astrological alignments such as the winter and summer solstice and many other alignments. These monument or as I prefer to call them “ancient geo engineering instrumentation” were and still are used to adjust the global pyramid grid if or when it is needed. 
Now as for New-Grange or Stonehenge they are used to track tectonic plate movement of the Eurasian plate. Now……… if and when these instruments don’t line up with the summer or winter solstice, this would sound an alarm or warn the ancient geo engineers, that a major change or land mass movement was near, it would also be used to increase or decrease the gravity beam output from the global pyramid system as out lined in my book Pyramid Gravity Force” to counter the effects of a large plate movement……….below are the sizes of the world plates and as you will read North America, Eurasia and Africa are the largest and would only lend credence to the fact as to why these ancient geo engineering instrumentation was built on the above mentioned plates……… ©

The World's Lithospheric Plates
Plate Area (km2) Plate Area (km2)
Pacific 103,300,000 Scotia   1,600,000
N America  75,900,000 Burma microplate   1,100,000
Eurasia  67,800,000 Fiji microplates   1,100,000
Africa  61,300,000 Tonga microplate     960,000
Antarctica  60,900,000 Mariana microplate     360,000
Australia  47,000,000 Bismark microplate     300,000
S America  43,600,000 Juan de Fuca     250,000
Somalia  16,700,000 Solomon microplate     250,000
Nazca  15,600,000 South Sandwich mplate 170,000
India  11,900,000 Easter microplate     130,000
PhilSea   5,500,000 Juan Fernandez mplate  96,000
Arabia   5,000,000 Rivera microplate       73,000
Caribbean   3,300,000 Gorda microplate       70,000
Cocos   2,900,000 Explorer microplate       18,000
Caroline plate 1,700,000 Galapagos microplate     12,000

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