Above is a Micro Gravity Reading of the Great Pyramid of Giza called the Densitogram this image outlines the gravity wave changing the density of the material on the Great Pyramid of Giza.
Hawaiian Hot Spot is close to the Maya Calendar time line...

Here are a few pics, The first one is the Hawaiian Hot Spot, I like this pic because it shows a time line of the Hawaiian Hot Spot, reseachers have this hot spot dating back millions of years, but it's all conjectur as the oldest sample from this Hawaiian chain are only 26 thousand years old.  Now another thing I like about this picture it the Emperor Seamount Chain, another one of my theroy's is that the Emperor Seamount chain was also created by the Hawaiian Hot Spot. The reason it is now pointed in a northwesterly dirrection is due to a tectonic plate movement. Now what is of  primary importance here is the Time line that the Hawaiian Hot Spot is giving us. I suggest that each chain was created in the time it takes for the planet to go through one cycle of procession or roughly 26 thousand years. This time piece is right up there with the Maya calendar. So judging by the length of both island chain distances one would have to at least consider an end to a cycle or the beginning to a cycle is near. ©

If you have the time, go to the below web site and check out the three theory's on the Hawaiin Hot Spot......


Now My book cover shows how the gravity beam travels from the Great pyramid of Giza to the Hawaiian Island via ricocheting off of the gravity nuetral zone near the solid iron core at the center of the planet.


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