Above is a Micro Gravity Reading of the Great Pyramid of Giza called the Densitogram this image outlines the gravity wave changing the density of the material on the Great Pyramid of Giza.
How The Earths Axis Tilts Naturally

Check out this NASA explanation of how the tilt of Mars axis happens over time; To me if can happen on Mars because of polar caps ice melting and or building ice up on the polar caps, it can happen on Earth during a temperature change such as What we are going through on Earth today.



Look it's all balance.

The northeren hemispher is heavier than the southern hemispher because of the larger land mass above the ellipsoid located in the northern hemisphere. So when the Earths tilt changes which might be as soon as 12-21-2012
The counter weight in this case  the south pole or south polar cap melts and loses it's balancing weight the tilt of the earth will move....The real question is will the tlt of the axis increase or decrease.....

The polar cap that loses the sun light, will start to build ice mass back up and eventually cause another tilt on the axis, where that newly built up mass of ice will now get the sun light and start to melt and so on and so forth.........They the NASA people must know about this.........But maybe not!

Now the scientist tell us that the ice weight loss on Antarctica over the last 100 years is in the trillions of tons.

One does not have to see all the ice disappear before my theory takes over and the earth's tilt increases.....

My theroy is the antarctic ice sheet is the Earths counter weight because the Northern hemispher land mass is heavier than the Southern hemisphers land mass and when the antarctic ice sheet loses it's mass the Earths axis tilt will increase and Antarctica will lose Sun light, thus the process of ice build up on Antarctica will start a new trend of building ice until the weight increase and causes another tilt decrease. I call this

 "Shaughnessy's Law of Tilt"

To tilt or not to tilt that is the question......?

John Shaughnessy 2012 ©


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