Above is a Micro Gravity Reading of the Great Pyramid of Giza called the Densitogram this image outlines the gravity wave changing the density of the material on the Great Pyramid of Giza.
Intellegent Design of Earths Tectonic Plates

How to make a tectonic plate slide smoothly under another tectonic plate


Now why in gods name would our brilliant Geo Engineering Ancestors build volcanos with pyramid gravity force or energy or lately I’m using the term pyramid gravity fornergy? I’ll tell you why!!! Tectonic plates need geo engineering to work correctly that’s why, can you imagine how many tsunamis there would be if the tectonic plates started to butt into each other instead of lapping each other, as it is we still experience a bump why they are sliding under and above each other. It would be catastrophic if this system was left to it’s own natural system, you would actually have to be the size of a T-Rex just to survive the constant tsunamis and earthquakes quite literally.


Ok what does a volcanic Island do in the ocean sitting on a tectonic plate? Well for one thing it exerts a lot of weight on this plate most if not all the subduction zones are under the oceans. So weight is one of the defining physical characteristics for an island volcano; Say you were having big tsunamis and earth quakes at a particular subduction zone, say for instance the Sumatra subduction zone and you wanted to quiet this area down and the only way to do this is to quite literally build a volcanic island on this noisy tectonic plate, this would add weight to the plate that is sliding under at the subduction zone and stop the plate butting at the zone.

Now we’re in luck as we have land located in the exact trajectory that is required to build a volcano from scratch with a pyramid also built from scratch. The trajectory of this pyramid gravity beam is measured in degrees angle of the Earths axis and located approximately 180° from each other. So to quiet down the Sumatra subduction zone we need to build large pyramids in the Yucatan peninsula, Central America, Cuba Southern Mexico say where the Pyramid of the Sun is located and all the rest of the pyramids located in the above mention places. Oh look where in luck! Someone has already built them for us. And for proof there are just as many volcanic islands in the Bay of Bengal and the northern Indian ocean east of Sri Lanka like the Andaman Islands or the Nicobar Islands to name a few. Point being, the “Pyramid Gravity Force” built these islands. 


Another thing pyramid built volcanic island do, is slow down the movement of said tectonic plates, the more weight on the plate the slower the plate moves this is also a benefit of pyramid built volcanic islands on a tectonic plates. 


Is it possible these geniuses for all intent and purposes have actually locked in all the large landmasses? With “pyramid gravity force” Well is it? Your damn right it’s possible!

 I would have to say these advanced beings looked at planet Earth like Jeweler looks at a rough diamond before cutting it into a precious stone, these advanced beings cut the tectonic face plates of the Earth into a perfect gem of a planet with pyramid gravity force technology.     


John Shaughnessy 2013 © 

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