Above is a Micro Gravity Reading of the Great Pyramid of Giza called the Densitogram this image outlines the gravity wave changing the density of the material on the Great Pyramid of Giza.

I missed another pyramid/volcano connection the SHEN-HSI Pyramids in China tie into the Bermuda Island extinct volcano, more evidence mounting that indeed there is a massive connection between the two stuctures on Earth and as described inside the book Pyramid Gravity Force these two location are 180° apart and located on the same Latitude......WOW...........! Now in the Book I made reference that the Bermuda Island tied into the submerged Pyramid in the Sea of Japan. This still holds true however, after the last cataclysm 12500 years ago the Japanes pyramid became sumerged and in the book submerged pyramids become nutralized and cannot condense the gravity wave. So the ancient Geo Engineers had to build the SHEN-HSI pyramids to balance this gravity wave between these two locations. Shaughnessy 2013 ©

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