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World in Shock:  


Lone Wolf has discovered the true purpose of the pyramids around the world leading to multiple discoveries in material science, gravity machines, ancient geo technology and more, the list goes on and on. It's going to take engineers & scientist at the university level years to complete the learning curve ahead of us. 


John Shaughnessy has come out of nowhere , has single-handedly identified and explains in full detail the only working gravity powered machines in existance on Earth today.  This discovery is exactly what humanity needs to get us into the new paradigm. Finally tranportation with anti-gravity technology is on the way;  And it was here on Earth all the while;  Staring us right  in the face.

Up coming book "Pyramid Gravity Force" Explains in detail what every nook and cranny does inside the Great Pyramid of Giza; all new science explains what the air/star shafts do, the Kings chamber, relieving chambers, Queens chambers,Sunbterranean chamber, Grand Gallery purpose. Also Find out when and why the well shaft was made for and why the Davidson tunnel into the lower releiving chamber was made for.